H - Humidifiers
These units maintain PROPER HUMIDITY LEVELS in the air in dry environments that have central heat or fireplaces.
Add CORYSAN air freshener to the reservoir to give the air a pleasant, balsamic scent.
Apt for people with RESPIRATORY CONDITIONS and very effective when used as a COMPLEMENT TO AEROSOL THERAPY.

Corysan space humidifier
Ref. 501011
C.N. 337584.9
EAN 8470003375849

Capacity: 4 litres
Water level indicator.

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Space humidifier Corysan Mini-Vapor

Ref. 501009
C.N. 157461.9
EAN 8470001574619

Capacity: 2 litres
Water level indicator.

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Corysan water decalcifier
Ref. 501017
C.N. 211995.6
EAN 8470002119956

The use of the water decalcifier in conjunction with the unit is required at all times to prevent lime from collecting on the rods (electrodes).

Corysan air freshener
Ref. 501018
C.N. 212001.3
EAN 8470002120013

Humidifier electrodes, 2 u.
Ref. 501019
EAN 8428166510195
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